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When it comes to image optimization, you’ve probably heard enough about alt text. Your WordPress site’s performance is paramount when it comes to SEO.

Premiers pas dans l’optimisation SEO - Hosteur.com When it comes to image optimization, you’ve probably heard enough about alt text. Your WordPress site’s performance is paramount when it comes to SEO. You can also integrate a CDN with a WordPress site that will cache static content like CSS, JS and images that will help to boost the performance. By removing unnecessary data, you can improve the efficiency of your database and make your web pages load quicker. HTTPS aims to make the web a safer place for everyone. Before diving into the optimization tips and tricks I recommend measuring the current performance of the site so you have some bench-marking figures to compare against after you make the changes and see how it has affected the performance. Hence, in the this article we’ll describe 10 steps which you can take to help improve your overall site speed and performance. A large database can greatly affect the performance of your website as it takes longer for your server to retrieve information from database tables.

You can even include relevant information such as event dates, status, and locations. Every time a client visits a WordPress site, the core requests the right information from a database. WordPress currently has 11 core tables (this could, of course, change in a future version of WordPress). You can optimize tables that are affected by overhead by using the SQL command OPTIMIZE TABLE. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since high-resolution images look great when viewed at their full resolution, but it can affect how much space they take up in your storage. Let us look at how this can be achieved. With the large amount of popularity that SEOPressor is gaining of late, it is worthwhile to see who this tool can really help. REPAIR line from your wp-config.php file after you have used the optimization tool. To use the optimization tool, you first need to add this line to your website wp-config.php file.

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To reduce the number of revisions that are saved, simply add the following code to your wp-config.php file. 25 FREE cloud hosting credit using the coupon code GRETATHEMES. Therefore, you need to have a decent hosting provider like Cloudways — a managed WordPress cloud hosting provider. For our visitors, we have broken a deal with Cloudways. You will know exactly what kind of htaccess file you should have. Are you skeptical about what kind of traffic prospects it has? Brian Dean is the creator of Backlinko, a traffic production business which specializes in link building, SEO, content marketing, and conversions. This is not a good way of generating traffic as it violates many policies to earn income from your website. And WordPress sites, in general, tend to be way better in the search engines and rank well. It helps search engines like Google quickly find all your important content, even if your internal links aren’t that great. It is possible to customize post typography, as Vigor incorporates more than 600 amazing Google fonts.

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The tool is so designed that it helps Internet marketers get the one thing that all of them hanker for—number 1 position on the search engine ranking pages, especially the Google search engine. The other thing is time. I don’t like to waste time, an egg timer lets me to work in dashes (e.g. 10 minutes to finish a post) and a stop watch will help me see where the time goes when I don’t set a timer. Feel free to insert whatever widgets you desire, and watch as your best products are delivered in a stunning slideshow. The best part is that it shows you all the important stats that matter right inside your WordPress dashboard. And we has writers must do what is best for us to make money here or anywhere for that matter. Here are some of the best social media monitoring tools that can make it all easy for you. It has the power of removing unnecessary data and scales it before adding it to the media library.

Themes may also save settings and other data in your database. Once an article has been published, there is little need to keep older post revisions, therefore you may want to consider removing all revisions from published articles. You may think you really don’t have to, but by doing so your car runs much better, you get better gas mileage, etc. A car that gets lots of mileage requires tune-ups more often. It offers multiple optimizations, and features solutions designed specifically to improve conversions and make the store more friendly to customers. Well formatted Meta tags play a major role in making the website SEO friendly. This is where you add descriptions to the tags and categories, keeping the description within 160 Characters while including keyword search phrases within context. Use SEO and PPC premium tools Moz, SEMrush, Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog Spider, AWR, Raven Tools, Majestic, and other pro tools. This is not good for the user experience and works against your SEO efforts. ” Let’s dive a little deeper, In rendering a webpage, all of the files such as HTML, CSS, JS and images are downloaded from the server and displayed to the user. Moreover, they allow you to reduce the consumption of bandwidth on your principal server.